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230v Lyn400 CB11 Board Capacitor req.
Hi - need to buy a new capacitor 6,3 yf but not sure where to buy one?
White one with 2 wires.
Thanks in advance for any help.
We have these instock - call us on 0845 054 5070 or 01384 569 942 to order. - EasyGates Home

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Thanks I found it on your site and arrived today (next day) have fitted and both gates seem to be working fine with the exception that they both open at the same time, have adjusted the delay and one closes a few seconds before the other and overlap, but opening seems to be a bit of a problem?

It could be your motors are wired in reverse and confussing the wing delay. How to check put gates in half open possition and turn power off the board then turn power back on and press remote control once if the gates close then they are wired backwards if they open then all is fine and there must be another problem.
Thanks for the reply - I have the left side as the wing 1 and the right side as wing 2 looking from inside the property as they open outwards. On opening wing 2 looks like it's reacting 1 or 2 seconds quicker than wing 1 but the maglock is holding it until it opens enough to release. Once they have opened wing 2 closes a few seconds before wing 1 and they overlap nicely and close no problem. If the wiring was wrong would wing 2 still close before wing 1?

I would like to delay wing 2 opening by a few seconds and they would be fine.

Probably time to call in the experts, don't suppose you cover Salisbury area?
Sorry We dont Cover Sailsbury but i do know a couple of installer in Andover which is local

GS Gates and Automations - 01264 210088

Web :

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