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Which original remote control is suitable for board CB124
Hello dear friends!
I have a box with a CB124 inside, but absolutely no other reference.
This board is driving two LYN400-24.
I know that the radio module is a 433MHz.
But I don't have any remote control so far.

Can someone tell me what are the different models of original remote control suitable for the CB124 board?
(I am talking about CB124, not CB124EV).

Hi Evan.

I don't think it matters whether it's the 124 or 124EV board as I'm pretty sure they all use the same remotes. I replaced my blown CB24 board with the CB124 a couple of years back, and the same remotes were used. They are indeed 433MHz (or 433.92 to be precise :-) ) and 'rolling code' type (which means something like they change their code each time they are used so cannot be copied by someone scanning the signal), and the original was the 3-button 94335E fob or similar.

There are a number of options as long as they are compatible with the 94335E. These include the new TX4, tho' you can almost certainly still get the 94335E if you want.

I am PRETTY certain this is correct, but don't shout at me if... :-)
Hi Devs,
Thank you so much for your kind and detailed answer.
In that case, I suppose that there is no way to use a universal key fob isn't it?
I would have appreciated to be able to use the one I use for my second portal.
But the good point is that a rolling code is much better than a fix code.
Sorry for the late reply, Evan - problems logging back on.

There are certainly some 'universal' and 'after-market' remotes out there that will work, but you must ensure they have the same operating frequency and MUST also be 'rolling code' - or else they'll simply not work. Where you source them should make it clear that they are fully compatible with, say, the 94335E, but be aware that I've just had a quick glance at eBay and found one that claimed to be compatible but also stated in the advert body that it was 'fixed code' - so it clearly would NOT be.

Whether your new remote can also be used to control your other unit comes down to whether it's the same spec as the Liftmaster - 433.92MHz and rolling, in which case it 'should' work in theory at least.

I have a remote garage opener as well as a two-wing gate, and it is nice to have it all working from one 3-button (94335E) fob - but all my gear IS 'Liftmaster' so it should!

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