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CB11 controller

I have had a cb11 controller for seven years. It broke down and I replaced it. Since then I have been having very odd problems with the gates. They set up apparently correctly and function for a few cycles. However if you stop and reverse the gates mid way through their opening they start to go in opposite directions and wont stop doing this unless the controller is reset. Ive tried everything and I am completely confused. The most strange thing is that I have actually changed the controller for another one and it does the same.

Has anyone seen the situation where the gates go in opposite directions and if so what is the issue causing this ?
Hi Brian

Its very unlikely to be a panel issue, first i would start by doing a couple of checks,

1, let me know how the wiring of each motor is done,
2, what type of photocells are you using (Model Number)

I have never known a gate work fine, then decide to work in opposite directions once a photocell input is triggered,

I would probably redo a search for limits, to see if when you do a search for the open limit they both go in the same direction.

If you can get back to me with more information i would be happy to help.
Kindest Regards,

Tel: ‭01384 569 942
This could be as simple as the motor capacitor. I have seen this type of fault many times and swapping the motor capacitor for new resolves the issue.
To test this out swap the two capacitors fitted to the control board motor inputs and the issue should change sides, confirming the fault.
Certainly worth a try to start with as it is easy to do and eliminates one possible fault.

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