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Came ZA3 Control panel wiring help and setting up help
Hello, trying to connect Came DOC E photocells to Came za3 panel but no success with it, would be grateful if someone would have a detailed plan of it ,position of dip switches etc. Thanks---Billy
first of all how many pairs of photocell are you connecting?

I'll presume the bare minimum of 1 set.

photocell >>>>> ZA3 panel

+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>10
com>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2
n/c >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> c1

dip switches on doc e cells
1 - off(down) 1 pair of photocells
2 - off(down) 24v system

dip switches on za3 panel

make sure you have a link between 1 and 2 in the za3 this is the stop circuit.

trimmers in za3

tl roughly about 6 o'clock needs to make the motors run for an extra 8 or so seconds after fully opening or closing.
tca somewhere near 5 o'clock will give you about 35 seconds opening waiting period.
rt2m this is the second leaf delay so if you have a catchment strip you need to adjust this accordingly.there is a minimum 2nd leaf delay of 1 second in this panel.

If the wrong motor moves first swap the 2 bunches of motor leads over
u,v,w into x,w,y

if one of the motors moves in a different direction to the other swap either u ,v or x,y over depending on which motor it is.

regards Johnathan Barker
Makers and installers of fine gates for over 60years

just to add to the very helpful post by johnathan here is the instruction manual for the CAME ZA3 Control board for your reference.

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.pdf   ZA3.pdf (Size: 420.25 KB / Downloads: 5,695)
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Hello, having trouble with a system I took over after buying the house. Gardener got a bit too excited with strimmer and pulled cables (badly put together in first place!).

I got it opening on command and one set of photocells will cause the gate to cease closure phase and re-open (good).

However, the second pair of photocells is not working (not even a local click sound), how should I have two sets wired up? I want them both to cause the gate to reverse closure and fully re-open.

Bonus question: the electromagnet is not working either, how should that be wired up? There seems to be some kind of additional "mini transformer" or something, floating in the box, separate from the ZA3 PCB, with a few red and black wires attached to it.

Many thanks in advance!
As per my knowledge
1 Identify Connections: Check the "mini transformer."
2 Connect Power: Match power supply to electromagnet voltage.
3 Wire Transformer:
       Input: Connect to power supply (red = +, black = -).
      Output: Connect to electromagnet (red = +, black = -).
4 Check PCB: Ensure proper wiring with the PCB.
5 Secure Connections: Ensure all connections are tight and insulated.
6 Test: Verify the electromagnet works.
I hope this will help you,
Thank you
About as helpful as a generic superficial answer from ChatGPT Wink

No I need more detailed instructions for the two pairs of photosensors.

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