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CAME ZLJ24 panel - Open gate indicator-light
    Greetings friends!
Forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place..!!! I'm new here!
I would like more information about this 'open indicator-light'. I checked the installation/programming manual and can only find reference to it as being connected to 11 and 5 on the terminal rail.

I tested the voltage at 11 and 5 throughout a few open/close operations but failed to detect any voltage accross 5 and 11 at any stage. I was expecting to pick up 24vac when the gate/s begin to open or are completely open. I have read the programming section but only see reference to the cycle lamp / flasher lamp on 10-E

Is the Open gate indicator-light a bit of kit supplied by CAME??
What is its role in the operation of the gate.



did you check dip-switch position ?

i got manual frome came zl160 and indicator light output is between 5 and 10 (24v 3W max) 

Best Regards 

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