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My Came ZM3E gates won’t open
I II cI came  back to my gates last week and they suddenly just would not reopen. 

I’ve opened the came box up and all looks fine. No fault codes and the board looks in perfect condition .  I changed the 4 fuses and that did not help. When I press my fob it asks for them to open as you hear the clicking noise but then nothing responds. I changed the 2 16uf capacitors thinking they had gone with the heat but that has not fixed it. 

My only thought is that the underground motors have failed . But for both to fail at exactly the same time does make me think that is not right either. I opened the underground motors and they all look fine . I put WD40 on each but still no luck. 

Having exhausted all my limited options I think I need the experts please. Aany advice would be graeatly received. . Thanks

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