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Replacement remote
Hi all. After some advice from the knowledge pool. 
I have electric gates on my drive that I inherited with my house. 
I need some new remotes and from what I can find they are 433.92mhz rolling code. 
Apologies if this has been asked but I have searched and can’t find the answer. 
So my question is can I use any remote that is 433.92 rolling code. 
Thanks in advance

Sliding Gate opener is Sfeomi.
Hi Chindley,

You would need to get a remote that is compatible with your current system. finding the model number of your system would be a real help to ensure you get the correct remote.

If this fails and you cannot find replacement remotes either due to them being discontinued or just cannot find a suitable replacement. you could always look along the lines of a receiver upgrade kit that will allow you to use remotes that are compatible with the receiver instead of the gate opener.

receiver upgrades would most likely be wired into the push button terminals on the board to allow it to open your gates.

it would be best if you can find the model number of your opener first to refer to the manual in both cases whether finding replacement remotes or where to wire a receiver upgrade into the board.

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