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Help programming SUN 433 4CH remote

We have an electric gate that came with two remotes already programmed and working, then we decided to get more remotes because we run a BnB and need guests to be able to let themselves in etc but I am doing my best to understand and follow the instructions but I cannot for the life of me get the new remotes to work!!

I have opened the gate box and tried to find the dip switches configuration and I think I have it (I cant see what else it could be) which I have attached.  From what I can tell it seems to be every channel off except for 7 which is on.  I have tried programming the new remote to this setting, both ways and every which way and nothing works.
Can anyone see or perhaps give advice as to what I am doing wrong?

The other two attached images are the existing programmed remote (with two buttons) and the new one with four buttons (before you say they are different the other existing working remote we have is also four buttons).

Any help is much appreciated!

Theoretically, it is necessary to re-program the door control block. Specifically, in the settings, you need to disable blocking of other access channels. There is a possibility that only two panels are registered in the control, and this limitation must be removed, then changes should be made in the firmware of the control unit and the DIP adapter will not help here. Well, this is my subjective opinion (I'm not working for any automation systems engineering help companies).
Thanks for your reply, but none of that really makes any sense to me.

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