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Robus 600 not closing fully
(20-07-2022, 09:47 AM)SamA Wrote:
(19-07-2022, 08:36 AM)All Well Wrote:
(18-07-2022, 10:38 AM)SamA Wrote:
(18-07-2022, 09:05 AM)All Well Wrote:
(18-07-2022, 08:59 AM)SamA Wrote: Hi,

That "slow" speed is the deceleration of the motor. This is a safety feature as standard. This can be reduced but you will need an Oview programming tool to do this.

Thanks. Another thing: Can minor adjustment be made to the closed position. The gate stops about an inch or so short which prevents proper locking.



Of course.

If you put the gate into the halfway position. Then press and hold the Close and stop/set button at the same time until you hear the relay click or the gate start moving.

it will relearn its full position search to its fully open and closed capacity.



Have tried all options as given in manual and videos. The gate reaches the fully close mechanical stop but then moves back about half an inch, does not stop there. This is something new not happening earlier. Is there a way to make minor adjustment to move gate half inch further forward once it is in fully close position?



The gate learns its open and close limits through as mentioned above. However you can slightly adjust the maximum opening and closing position but this can only be done through an Oview Programming Tool.


Finally found the solution: At the rear end of the close contact lever there are two screws which can be loosened and the lever moved backward or forward to make the gate stop later or earlier respectively. So it is a mechanical adjustment solution!

Thanks a lot. Regards
(10-07-2022, 09:31 AM)All Well Wrote: I have a RB600 sliding gate installed working ok past one year. Lately noticed not closing fully, about an inch shorter than the mechanical stop. Have run the 'Recognition of Gate Length' program without resolution. 

Any suggestions on what next?



Thank you for bringing this to our attention,

I would recommend nothing down what the Bluebus LED is doing when the fault occurs and this will give us a good indication as to what is happening, it will either be flashing once per second to resemble everything is fine or flashing multiple times and pausing to indicated a fault, we would need to know how many times it is flashing before it pauses.

Furthermore you could always try and up the force on the panel by going and changing some of your second level functions.

Many thanks


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