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Robus Not Operating
Hey folks, looking for some confirmation / assistance / guidance what to do next if poss please?

I have a Robus system that stopped responding to the remote. I've been through the regular troubleshooting, it's not the battery in the remote, when I press the button, the bluebus light flashes twice showing it's received a command.

All the L1-L5 lights however are off, I think they should be on from what I've observed before and the table in the manual.

Up on the top connection LEDs the bluebus one flashes 4 times, pause, repeat, which according to the manual says it's operation has been interrupted by the STOP circuit.

The STOP LED on the top is OFF, which suggests the photoelectric cell setup that usually interrupts operation if someone walks in front of it is not doing it's job. I believe it should maintain the circuit, which it drops if there's a break between it's transmitter and receiver.

Before I go looking into replacing the photoelectric setup I'm concerned that none of the regular L1-L5 lights are on. The manual suggests they should all be on. Are they off because of the operation of the STOP circuit maybe?

Any additional info / advice gratefully received before I go potentially making it worse by doing the wrong thing!

Many thanks!

Further to this I've found there are 2 batteries of type NAFCOM ER14505 3.6V 2400mAh in one end of the photoelectric circtuit. These have the date of 11-9-15 written in a marker pen on them, which I'm assuming is when they were installed. I can't find much about these batteries online. I tried some regular AA batteries but they're 1.5V, ie about half of what the NAFCOM's are.

Game plan is to source a couple of these as first steps, but would still appreciate if anyone knows if the absence of lit LEDs on the L1-L5 side is OK or not in these circumstances. Cheers.
Hi Alan,

The BlueBus LED acts as a diagnostic LED. 2 flash fault relates to the Photocells, they advise changing the batteries on the Photocells every 1-2 years. Most people mistake these for being standard AA batteries, but as you stated these are 3.6v lithium batteries. You can purchase these from the website in the link below.

Hope this information helps!
Kindest Regards,

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