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repair or replace
Hi Everyone,

I'm a Newbie in the middle of reading lots of forum threads, so apols for any questions which have already been discussed elsewhere - happy to be redirected as needed.

I have had a Came 243 system installed for 15yrs approx on a sliding metal gate but not used/working for the last 2 yrs. I have been told it is due to the motor being kaput. Leaves and dirt have accumulated so I know a good clean and overhaul of the track is needed.

Question : Should I buy a new complete system or can I get a replacement motor (Part number 9903092 - see 1 of the attached photos)  or a full motor unit with all of the electronics as a package or swap out parts of the system - intercom, motor, remotes, infrared sensors, track, etc?

If its a full new motor/electrics unit are there any which would fit into the current CAME 243 box location as I would rather not start drilling new holes in the driveway and I'd rather reuse where able existing installed items if they will work with a new box.

Any advice as I've been quoted £5,000 for a new system by a professional installer.



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