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Intermitent Remote Control Cause/Repair
We have both fobs and the built in car kind to control both an electric gate (Chamberlin Elitie 4000) and garage door. While the garage door opens on first push 95% of the time the darn gate "decides" when it wants to listen and half the time now won't work at all with cars or small fobs (and we have to resort to our one old and big clicker with the square 9 volt battery, and even then sometimes have to walk it outside and close to gate. Has worked fine for 10 yrs (though even then sometimes the car had to be quite close to motor for it to work--but it would work). Anyhow, it's getting worse and is big pain. All batteries replace in fobs to no effect. If it just didn't work at all I'd have a few clues, but it does work, just not well or consistently (and still sometimes it works perfectly with on press so...), so I'm stumped. Any help much appreciated.

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