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Advice on new gate install - LIFTMASTER LYN424

New to this forum and hoping to gain advice that I am purchasing the correct openers?

I have been recommended the Liftmaster LYN 424. I am a mechanical engineer and my son is an electrician so I'm fairly confident that we should have the necessary skills to install correctly.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. I think that I will need to fabricate/weld the provided motor brackets that install to the gatepost?
  2. I'll need to run cat5 cable to the second motor which provides power and automations?
  3. Not sure where I could put the photocells as have a 90 degree turn to make entering and exiting our property?
  4. Do I need the photocells for this model? as it states "It also boasts stop and reverse obstacle detection which is unique to the 24v operators for added protection"
I have added a couple  links below of our entrance which should make it easy for comment. PS: We have decided against underground automations.

Would really appreciate your help and advice on this forum.

Thanks - Lee

[Image: uc?export=download&id=1tpeoALFUPF52GW9FixlXFTyKTp7oocw4]

[Image: uc?export=download&id=1Fnj2EIkVAHx9oQipEzCPqxbQ_OyicAAx]

[Image: uc?export=download&id=1PToTg9O-TevjVeUziOKaqqlrPVjte52E]
Hiya Leeb,
Answers to your questions.
1. It will be better for you to fabricate a motor bracket. As brackets in kits are not the best.
2. Do not use cat5, alarm cable, or any other cable where you can gate massive amounts of it for a fiver. You will get problems in the future. And you are out in the open. Water and moisture will corrode cheap cable. Do not skimp on your cable. Use a decent multicore cable. Just having a quick look at Liftmaster LYN 424. It pulls 2 Amps.
3. Photocells can go on your gate posts. You can use wireless photocells if you want. Buy brand name photocells. Do not get Ebay specials.
4. Without going into it. ( this is not the place for a rant ) Not a fan of this obstacle detection. I am safe edges and laser scanners. But in your situation. You are in the middle of nowhere. And you and your lad are automating your gate. It is down to you to make the gate safe.
Also. 24volt equipment is very sensitive. Sometimes to sensitive. How windy is it at your place.
5. If you look at gate safety DHF. It will give you an idea on safety for electric gates.


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