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Sun affecting gate opener
I have a Liftmaster LA400 gate opener.  My gate opens fine when it is dark or cloudy, but when the control box is in direct sunlight I have to get within 5 feet of the control box and click several times for the gate to open.  All the clickers have fresh batteries.  I had a gate repair man come out and he installed a new circuit board(small one) that he said controlled the remote control access and also a new antenna.  

It worked fine, but it was late afternoon when he did it and the sun was not on the control box.  My mistake for not having him come out when there was direct sunlight on the control box.  So everything he did was for nothing except $300 out of my pocket.  The gate guy said he never heard of sun(heat) causing anything like that on a gate opener.  Do I need to install a new (large) circuit board, or just go with a different model gate opener?   

The gate is powered by house electricity with its own circuit breaker.  Gate guy also put in two new backup batteries in the control box.  Also there is nothing in the area that would present any rf interference.

I am stumped, because it works fine in the early morning or at night, but when the direct sunlight hit the control box the remote clickers have to be within 5 feet and sometimes right next to the box, and then often it takes several clicks on the clicker remotes.

Thank you very much for any input you might be able to give me regarding this problem.  Sure has me puzzled!!

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