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Nice TOO7500/ Mindy A60 Installation Problem
Hi All, please bear with me as I’m a keen DIYer not a professional gate installer.

I’ve just installed a Nice 7500 double gate opener with a Mindy A60 control panel.
However, I can’t get the motors to move. I’ve wired everything up as per the instructions but no movement when I press the control.

The LED on the control board is on and flashing and it does a double flash every time I press the control, so I think it’s getting the demand signal okay.

Reading another thread it says put a bridge between terminals 20-22 (common to
Stop). Is this correct? There is currently no wire in 22 which i assume is described as a normally closed input.

Just don’t want to damage the panel by connecting the wrong terminals together. 

Thanks for your assistance,

Resolved. I plucked up the courage and connected together terminals 20-22 and it worked, should anybody else have the same issue.

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