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Hold electric gates closed
I have a customer with a question I can't find an answer to...maybe you guys can help? Their double gates are driven by two BFT actuators controlled by a Rigel 4 controller. Photocells are located across the drive on the inside (house side) and their toddler has just discovered he can open the gates by running through the beam! Is there a way of temporarily disabling the photocell beam so the gates do not open? I have studied the controller instruction manual but can't find such an option........Any suggestions apart from locking the gates together or switching off the power to the controller?
Sorry......It is a Rigel 5 controller, not Rigel 4 as stated in post above.

Are the photocells used as an open input and not a safety input? If they are used to allow free exit the only way to disable this would be to disconnect one side of the relay in the photocell. An option for you customer would be to have an induction loop fitted so the gate would only open when a vehicle drove over it.

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