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robus 600 speed is juddery
Hi there, i have a system approx 3 yrs old which has started to play up.  1st symptom was that once the gate opened to the switch point it would shoot forward approx 500mm immidiatly, this would happen most times.  2nd symtom was that the gate would not close, this would happen every few days.

Having uncoupled the drive and sliding the gate back and forth a few times these doesnt appear to be any resistance in the slide.  I stripped and cleaned all of the PECs and they seem to be functioning fine.

The motor drive does seem to be laboring and seems to be varying in speed through the opening cycle, even when decoupled from the gate you can see the speed changes of the drive so cant be the gate.

Any ideas?

I have a video but wont let me post

hope you are well,

i would suggest the video being the best option to diagnose this issue.

the shooting forward will always occur slightly to prevent damage to the motors gear box as without this shooting forward it would jolt causing all the friction to be distributed across the motors gears which intern will cause it to shear.

i would recommend sending us the video to FAO Joe.

i will look into this for you.

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