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Genius Gate System Problem
Hi There, 

I am new to the forum so hello all.  Smile

We had our home renovated 2 years ago and decided to have Electric Gates fitted for security reasons and to stop the kids,etc. from running out onto the road. 

They were installed by a professional and worked brilliantly. It is a Genius system. 

But about 3 months ago, I tapped in the code into the keypad as usual, it made the beep to say the code had been accepted, but nothing happened....just silence....

So, I tried to contact the installer, but cannot seem to track him down, His phone is not even ringing. I am not even sure if he is still in business?

I tried contacting other installers, etc. but none of them use the Genius system and to be honest, are not interested in fixing a system that they did not install...

So, after 3 months of being fed up of open and closing out gates manually, I opened the control box and downloaded a copy of the manual for the control board which is a Genius Brain 17. 

So, with my incredibly un-technical knowledge, I followed the manual and saw that there was an error light flashing on the board. So, I managed to find out it was showing Error code 14 - Configuration Error. So, following the manual, It suggested going through a Setup again, which I did and the error disappeared and the gates were working again...brilliant!!

They worked all day yesterday...but I wake this morning...and try to open the gates using the keypad....and nothing...

I opened the box again and this time another error code on the control board is showing, Error Code 12 - BUS G-WAY CALL...

This time I am stumped...I do not have enough knowledge to do anything further myself. It is strange that they worked perfectly for 2 years and the problems have only recently started? 

Would anyone have an idea what may be the problem?  Is the control board faulty and just need replacing or something else?

I would really appreciate any help...just want to get my lovely electric gates working again... Sad

Thanks so much!!

it could just be that there are several faults on the system and it is just coincidence.

i would personally suggest you to get an installer out to check this as it will require you need to remove the cables.

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