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nice robus troubleshooting
Hi all,

I am a newbie to this forum but desperate for help so apologies for jumping right in.

I had recently replaced the nice morx attached to my nice robus since the previous one was consumed by an ant's nest. The gate, remotes, keypads worked fine for about two tweeks.

Now, out if the blue, the gate won't move anymore.

I went through the manual and associated troubleshooting and cannot figure this out. Bluebus flashes like it's supposed to, stop led is on, and when I enter the code I hear the relay clicking and see the associated LED light up.

The only thing I see which is not like it is supposed to be is that L1 keeps flashing. According to the manual this indicates programming mode, but should end after 10 seconds. It doesn't however :-(.

Any tips?

Thank you in advance for your help!
Hi All

I found the problem, one of the sensors had sand accumulated in them so that they were shorted. Just cleaning them out solved the issue!
Thats great news!

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