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CAME ZA3 Not opening & red light (program) flashing
We have a CAME ZA3 not opening & red light (program) flashing. The same happened a few days ago, and it seemed to come back working again after a while. Anyone who has any suggestions what may cause this and how it maybe rectified? Looking forward to constructive replies!

From looking at the manual there is no diagnostic table which could help me identify a problem for you.

Please take these factors into account. Do you have inside photocells? These could be the problem as to why they are not opening.

Also is the panel humming or wanting to start, this could be a capacitor problem.

Hi Sam, it turned out to be the photocells last time. This time the gate is openend and doesn’t close... any suggestions..? Nothing seems obstructing the photocells, but not sure how i can confirm it’s not (one of ) these. Any suggestions?

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