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BFT Deimos - How to fit a GSM Switch.
Hello Everyone.

We recently bought a house which has a BFT Deimos sliding gate unit. When opened, the gate slides into a recessed area that is covered over (the drive is on a slope, and the gate goes into a glorified culvert basically...).This was connected to a Videx Intercom and Access unit, an as yet unidentified and disconnected receiver and a Hormann receiver. The Hormann would have been fitted as the garage door is also operated by a Hormann unit, so presumably the previous owner wanted to use the same remote.

Unfortunately at some point the Deimos unit was unbolted and left aside minus the cover, the Videx transformer left to the elements, and both remote receivers uncovered and dangling from a spaghetti explosion of cables.

After removal, cleaning and tinkering, the Deimos unit seems to be fully working, but minus the original remotes. The Videx side of things also seems to be working too, but I am inclined to install a GSM unit to open and close the door, as we have a lot of visitors and family.

I was thinking of something like this, which I'd imagine is familiar to some folks:-

[Image: 61qe2cDdX8L._SY450_.jpg]
I'm aware this is a budget item and are only using it as a general example, but my issue is that this (and most of the others I've looked at) seem to have only one relay output, whereas the Deimos unit appears to need two signals from relays, one to open and one to close. So, am I being a numpty and missing something or do I need one that has two relays.

Looking forward to hearing some replies and thanks in advance.

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