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BFT Deimos Ultra remote problems
Hi Guys,

I have a BFT Deimos Ultra 600 and I'm have a problem adding new remotes. I can add new remotes and that seems to partially work. However the new remotes can't seem to open the gate.

What happens is: I press the button on the remote and nothing happens if the gate is closed. If it is open, it will close. If I use an existing remote, it opens right up and I can use a new remote to control the gate.

I notice that the display shows nothing when I use the new remote, but it displays something when I use the old one to open the gate. It's almost like the new remote is missing something to 'wake up' the unit on opening.

Any ideas on what is happening here?
How did you add the remotes into the Deimos, through the control panel on the motor or by cloning an existing remote. Maybe try doing oppositeĀ method of adding your remotes, I.E if you added them by cloning try adding by the control panel or vice versa

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