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Nice Robus 600 Photocell
Hi Tom,

Thanks for your advice regarding connecting non bluebus photocell to robus 600 gate opener. I connected power supply terminals as you said and connected switch contacts to STOP contacts on control panel. When the photocell is activated in OPEN or CLOSE the gate stops dead. When I connect photocell switch wires across OPEN terminals the gate works as I want it to as far as if gate is closing and photocell is operated gate opens and after time delay the gate closes. This is great but I have three dogs in the garden and if they walk up to the gate and operate the photocell the gate opens. Is there any way that I can make the photocell only operate if the gate is moving so if the gate is closed it does not respond to photocell commands.
Many thanks for any help you can offer.
 I am a qualified electrician but not had much experience with automated gates. If only option is to install a bluebus photocell is this something that you could supply. I have single photocell and reflector at the moment so if I was to replace it I would like one of the battery units to save having to run wires to far side of sliding gate.

Thank You Les.

conect photocell input to STOP on the board , and try to change relay if dosent work from "NC" (NORMAL CLOSE ) TO "NO" (NORMAL OPEN)

is there 5 terminals in your photocell ? 1,2 power 3 com 4 nc 5 no ? or something like that
Best Regards 
Photocell has 5 terminals 1&2 power 3 com 4 no & 5 nc I tried to connect stop to 3&4 then 3&5 but didn't seem to make any difference. I also reset bluebus each time as it said on installation manual. I have the gate set to auto close after 15 seconds so I thought that if stop was activated gate would auto close after 15 seconds. If photocell is triggered whilst gate is opening it also causes gate to stop. I want gate to open if gate is closing and photocell is activated then close automatically after pause time.

Thanks for any help.
" I only want photocell for safety to ensure that gate wont close whilst car is in its path. Can anyone help with this problem please. "

that was your request
Best Regards 
yes that is my request as I said I tried to connect photocell across OPEN connections in control box it seemed to do what I wanted it to do except that when the gate is not operating the photocell will open the gate and I have 3 dogs in the garden.

Thanks again for your response and any help you can offer.

Hi I appreciate this is a forum site and everybody gives their time and expertise for free but I asked if anybody could help me with a Nice Robus 600 problem I am having with photocell 10 days ago. I am still sitting here by my gate with screwdriver in hand waiting for help with this problem. I found this site when I first started looking for advice on internet. I Googled Electric Gate Forums and arrived at this site. As I mentioned in one of my replies I am a qualified electrician and if I can offer any member any help or advise I would be happy to do so. If I cannot resolve my problem here could anyone offer alternate site where I may find the answers I am looking for.  I just want to find a resolve to my problem asap.

Many thanks for any help and advise you can offer.

the best way to sort this proble out is just buying blubus photocell from Nice . actually that was my first advice for you .

second option was how to stop the gate using analog photocell connection
Best Regards 

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