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Came gates stuck open.
Hi I wondered if anyone can help?
I have a set of came swing gates which have been working perfectly until today.
They open fine on the fob or internal switch, but will not close automatically. When you press the fob to close them they seem to move 6 inches to close but then 're open. I have disabled the photo cell and have even changed the wiring around on the arm motors to see if they will close (which they do), but then obviously won't 're open, the pcb is a za3. 
I appreciate any help 
Thanks in advance Martin.

that could be issue with power force or problem with capacitors

1 )to set power force higher you have to move conector on transformator from position 1 to 2,3,4, max
2)change capacitors for new one if older then 4 years

Best Regards 

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