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Remote for Proteco Q36a Board
New member, first post.

My heart is broken with my gates:

Proteco Shark Kit
Proteco Q36A control board
Some generic cheap fobs...

I've been through about 4 cheap generic fobs and recently bought some cheap Chinese cloning fobs that looked great online but didn't work...

Now I want to buy  something that I know will work.

It seems like the Proteco Tx312 is what I should be going for but there are two versions, the TX312 and the Tx312R, the latter being a rolling code remote.

So, questions:
Which of these is right for my control board?
Why are they so expensive? Smile
Where would you recommend I buy one?

Living in Ireland (Republic ["Southern"])

Any help appreciated.

Watch out for my next thread on photocells that won't stop 'tripping'...preventing my gate from opening Sad

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