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lift master SCS300 - photocells
Hi there, first post and looking for some help.
I have a lift master scs300 kit 24v for a double gate installed. The problem I'm experiencing is that the gates will not close. I be read previous threads but can't seem to find the solution.
The only difference I notice is that the chamberlain 771E model photocells stay flashing (pic attached) external to the gate as if there is an obstruction but this is not the case. I opened up both covers to clean around sensor but no change.
I reset system by turning off mains power and removing battery for a while. I turned it back on and then reset gate limits which ended in the closed position. I have a GSM UNIT rang the gates they opened but still will not close.
Can this be as simple as replacing photocells or is there something else I can try?
Thanks in advance
Can the photocells be removed temporarily so that the gate will close ??

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