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400 Newton limit on boarded gates
Hi, just wondered if anyone has any advise on how to overcome the problem of getting boarded gates to open / close in windy conditions while keeping force within 400 Newton range as I can't see how this is possible if working in accordance with the machine directive??
Hi Paul, thanks for your question. If a gate is boarded or not it will still be effected by Wind load, hinge or track fatigue and other elements which increase the amount of force required to move the gate. A gate must not exert more than 400N in crush danger areas of swing or sliding gates, outside of these crush areas the allowed operational force is actually 1400N. The danger areas on gates where the 400N force must be met and tested can be protected using either force limitation (rpm sensor, encoder, clutch), laser light curtain (not photocells) or safety edge's (in some cases a combination of both). Motor Force limitation devices tend to be more difficult to setup and configure due to Wind load as the results may vary from a calm day compared to a very Windy day. Safety edges in combination with less force limitation could be a better option for you as you will be able to run higher forces but by using a smaller active safety edge to protect your gate in the required crush areas. For more infromation on gate crush areas please e-mail and request a guide to gate safety. - EasyGates Home

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Hi many thanks for your reply , are you saying that the 400n limit can be disregarded providing that there is adequate protection ie safety edges ect for example if the gate is opening against a wall and you have protected the crushing area with safety edges ??

I am concerned that installing a boarded gate in a exposed area will prove unreliable for the client and ultimately damage our reputation as a result , not to mention the other safety concerns with for example a physically impaired person having to manually release a gate in above average winds to then be injured by the ( sail effect ) of the gate !!

Do you have any advise on how to get around this ??

Also I have heard that the hse are looking into amending the machine directive to make it more user friendly for the installer is there any truth in this rumor ??

Please respond asap. Kind regards

Each gate is different and this is why we have to do Risk Assessments every time.
Ste is right. Safety Guides are saying that you have to limit forces (impact and crushing) within specific time frame. If you are able to adjust on operators on control equipment then you are sorted. If not (for whatever reason - design, environment) you have to install additional safety devices to protect people and domestic animals within 'danger areas'.

!!! Gate and Door Automation Engineers required (London, TW) !!!

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