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MC424 PhotoCell Bypass for Constant Power
Hi Everyone - Fantastic forum!

I've an old MC424 (MCA2 board) and would like to use the Gate Open Lamp indicator permanently. I have it connected currently and it works well, but turns off after 60 seconds due to the Everything in Standby function. 

I believe I can only disable the everything in standby function with photocells connected, but I don't need the photocell or want to buy photocells. I'm hoping to simply bridge these out so the system ignores them (i.e. the "imaginary photo cells" never have anything in the way so don't trigger).

I saw another post stating to simply bridge terminals 13 and 14 to Common and change the setting but in my case doing that won't let the gate move at all once I de-activate the "Everything in Standby" mode.

I've been advised "On the old MCA2 it is possible, but photocells would need to be installed and then reprograming standby mode to photoelectric mode. Please see attached manual figure 5c" 

Is there some way to bridge the photocell terminals so the phototest passes succesfully without actually having photocells?

Many thanks for any guidance. Have a great day.

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