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MC424 install WI-FI Switch
I recently bought a wi-fi switch and I want to install it in my MC424 unit. The job seems straight forward but I need a confirmation so I dont damage my unit Smile.

This is the switch:

This is how I would connect it to my unit:

I will check the switch so it does not have voltage on the pins I would connect into pins 11 (common) and Pin 15(step by step).

I imagine when I switch on, the gates will close/open and when I switch off, they would close/open, depending on the state they were in initially. 

So is this correct, should I proceed? Thank you for your time.

Edit: This is how my unit looks like now:

I hope you are well. This idea looks acceptable. You will need to ensure that the switch is in fact a dry contact (which you believe it is). If so, this will work. For example, if your gates are in the closed position and you switch on an open command will be sent to the SBS opening the gate. You will then have to switch off, on, to send a close command to the SBS.

Hi Jamie,
I installed the switch and it works perfectly. I forgot to update the thread, good thing you replied Smile.
All I had to do extra is put the switch in inching mode with a 2 sec delay, because by default it was in normal switch operating mode.
Considering they sell these switches extremely cheap this is a very nice addition to my gates.

gracias por el aporte amigos pero no sabran de alguien que me ayude en el retiro de escombros de todo un poco.

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