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Mhouse cl2 error p2 and p3 flashes
Hello. I just got house that has mhouse cl2 gate installed. Gate wont work. P2 and p3 flashes together. I attach the image as well here. 

Anyone maiby know whats wrong or how to deal with the problem ?

Any suggestions maiby is better then nothing here. I eont have any manual or anything. Found manual in internet but there are no auch error.

Was this automation system working previously? If you can give this a command using a remote fob, then have a look at the ECSBUS led.

This LED will flash multiple times then pause if there is a fault present. If you can count how many times this LED is flashing before there is a pause and let me know, I can point you in the right direction on what the issue could be and how to resolve this.

Many Thanks.


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