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Nice Robus RBA3c Wifi Relay Switch Wiring

I've been encountering some problems with the RF receiver of my gate opener lately, so I've decided to replace the RF receiver with a Wi-Fi relay switch to control the open/close/stop functions from my phone. However, I'm a bit confused about how to wire it correctly. Initially, I thought it would be as straightforward as connecting the left-hand side of the "OPEN" (or P.P.) to "COM" and the right-hand side of it to "NO", but after examining how the RF switch is wired, it appears to be more complex. Could someone please provide guidance on how to proceed based on the photos below? Thanks in advance.


Wi-fi Relay Switch

Current RF Switch
Hi Dennis,

You will need to wire from (relay 1) NO & COM from the switch control to the P.P on the control board.
I hope this helps.

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