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Came FROG-A + ZA3 controller > gates wont close safety beam

we have 2 x FROG-A 230V underground motors and ZA3 control panel on a double leaf gate which have been working fine for about 6 years.

Gates are now stuck open and I noticed that when a button on the fob is pressed one gate moves about an inch to try to close and then opens and stays open.

I opened the control panel and the red led and green flashing led are both lit when powered. 
When I press the fob I can hear a click (relay?)  and then the green led goes out but comes back on after about 12 seconds.

(a) could it be due to the age of the capacitors  > should I just replace them 

(b) would a fault with the safety beam or a broken wire cause this     I ask as I would usually hear a click when walking through the beam but it doesnt appear to be making the noise now   >  can i turn off the safety beam using the dip switches or override to test
I would guess that it is unlikely to be an issue with the beam transmitter / receiver but how could i check this ?

thanks in advance for any suggestions
29th update I replaced capacitors but no difference so disconnected the safety beam and intercom and was able to bridge connections to open and close the gate so looks like its the DIR10 unit or the wiring to / from them i will open and clean out the spiders etc and see if it makes a difference
Hi Endam,

Make sure that they are also aligned seeing each other.

Regards mike

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