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DEA Geko - slave motor leaf stops part way in cold weather
I have a very recent install of a DEA Geko swing leaf system.

I have a lot of issues with the quality and professsionalism of the company who did the work, but my current big issue is that when the outside temperatures get below around 3 deg C the slave motor on the right-hand leaf blocks at around the point at which the motor would normally slow down as it gets closer to its fully closed position.

Because of this the left-hand motor drives past its stop point. After that both leaves re-open and seem to get completely out of sync (and they even hit each other at times).

Once the sun comes out and the temperatures rise the gates seem to start operating normally again. My sense is that the gates are not set-up correctly and the guy doing it has less electrical knowledge than me - for example, they haven't connected any of the earthing, the leaves don't touch the open position end-stops, and the encoder circuit has not been connected.

Any comments greatly received. Tbh I can see this ending up in the civil court. Thx.
Check the hinges if it's intact, replace the slave motor leaf
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