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Remote only working close up
Hi guys and thanks for having me on board.

My gate is a single 3.4m wide opener controlled by a BFT Sub Hydraulic unit operated by a controller identical to the one shown in this video:

I had to add two new Mitto remotes exactly as in the video. It turns out there have been a good few remotes added over the years. Anyway, the problem now is that if you are more than five or six metres away, the remote will not work the gate. You get closer and it works perfectly. I have checked carefully the remote antenna cables and they are securely attached. That is my electronics expertise exhausted.

This is really becoming an issue now as you have to open the car window and wave the remote about in order to get it to work. Nothing has changed and this applies to the new and original remotes alike. Previously you could be a good way off and it would work.

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