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Phobos N L BT one leaf won’t open
Hi all,
Out of the blue one leaf on my double gates stopped working, my first response was to change the limit switches, no fix there!
My next response was to call the engineer out, we brainstormed for hours, we swapped over the motor boards, no fix. We swapped over the motors, no fix. We disconnected the intercom, no fix. We finally agreed that the Thalia board might be faulty so I ordered a new one, it arrived and I installed it, it worked perfectly for two day, then, same again, one leaf stopped working. That was two years ago, the time has come now and I really need this fixed as it is stressing me out to the max, next step will be to rip it all out and replace with a new system but the Voice in my head just can’t except defeat. PLEASE HELP ME !
PS, when I run the auto setup both gates opened once, the the faulty one stopped responding while the foot one finished its cycles, the only the good one worked.
The faulty side is the second motor (last to open).

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