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Nice Walky 2024
Hi all,

Looking for some advice from those that might have trodden this path before.

I am buying a property on a housing estate, which has metal manual gates which I want to switch out for wooden electric gates. The challenge I have is on a couple of fronts;

1. Relatively close to one of the pillars is a drain cover. I contacted a few companies that fit solid hardwoord gates that want 600x600 room to concrete in a post to support the gates due to the weight

2. On the second pillar, it is shared with the house next door, with the fence that splits our drive landing in the middle. Giving only 160mm on the back on my side.

So trying to find a solution, I looked at softwood gates (they are only 1300 wide each side, so weigh roughly 60/70kg) and mechanisms that don't need a huge depth. According to the specs, the Nice Walky 2024 only needs 80mm to attach the motor, and 120mm with the reduced arm.

My question, is has anyone fitted this sort of set up and achieved good results. By which I mean reliability/speed. 

Also, any advice on how I might find a fitter that has worked with Nice equipment locally to help me would be much appreciated (Hertfordshire area)

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