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NICE Gate GSM Dialler Relay

Unfortunately an electrician has abandoned a Nice gate install MC824H half through leaving me with 3 issues.

1, I have to connect a GSM 2G Relay.  The gate on pressing of the opens and stays opens and then pressing the fob again closes.  I guess this is semi automatic.  

Do I just wire the relay into the open contact on the Nice control unit.  The relay is N/O, 2amp, 0volts and can pulse for either 1 second or 3 seconds or be permanently closed.

2, No safety photo cells were installed - the electrician left some EPMB but the receiver is missing.   However, given this is wired and the drive is newly tarmacked I'm going to recommend a wireless set of:

Nice IBW Wireless Interface

Nice EPMOW Pair of self-synchronised wireless outdoor photocells

Is this right?

3, One Nice Era One fob is programmed and working correctly.  The other fob only opens the gate but does not close it.  I've tried to reprogram this second fob (by holding it next to the working fob) but it just does the same thing.  Do I need to reset the fob and if so how?

Thanks in advance.


PS as a CCTV installer I've been lumbered with this and just trying to help a little old lady out.

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