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Older FAAC gate no power to circuit board

I have an older FAAC gate that I inherited from the prior homeowner. After just replacing all the gate sensors for about $1k and basically capping what I can afford to put into this gate, know about a week later I don't have any power to the circuit board. All the lights are off, picture included. This happened after I turned off the power to the circuit board one morning (by using the switch in the electrical box where the circuit board is) and then when I turned it back on I had power in the lines leading into the circuit board, but nothing on the circuit board and no gate functionality. Is there anything obvious I'm missing here? Wondering if there is any sort of reset that is an easy fix I can do myself? I see there are grey and black knobs in the lower left and top middle which say fuse on the end with a counterclockwise arrow - didn't know if this might be a solution. I don't see any obvious signs of the circuit board being fried and like I said at the beginning it was working fine, I killed the power to it and no it just won't work with the power on again. Any help would be greatly appreciated with this.


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