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New-build installation planned. Terrified I get it wrong!
Completely ‘new-build’ gate pillars, intercom/keypad, automatic gates and CCTV camera planned for an existing tarmac driveway. Installation advice sought.

Innocent newbie here. Please be kind. A bit of a long post - but hopefully removes the necessity for any obvious questions.

Two pillars, two gates. Light use planned. (Opened and closed - at the most - three/four times a day.)

The two brick/stone pillars will each be built around a steel post, each post receiving a 1.75m-wide (2m high) wrought iron gate.

Built into one of the pillars will be an ‘intercom’ panel; because this panel will face the entrance lane I’d like the solution to incorporate/integrate a CCTV camera which would be positioned to view approaching vehicles. (As opposed to a camera which - as I understand it from the photos I’ve seen - would show little more than the face of the caller.)

We’ll be cutting a trench across the width of the slightly-sloping driveway (not enough of a slope to cause an operational problem) to accommodate the electric supply and take away the surface water. The gates’ (expected) underground operating system therefore won’t be challenged by a water problem. 

Preliminary discussion (with the probable gate fabricator) have resulted in me hearing the manufacturer ‘BFT’, and their product the ELI 250, being mentioned, although the gate fabricator sub-contracts the ‘automation’ installation to a preferred specialist associate.

As in ignorance I stumble forward, if anyone can offer any purposeful advice on what I should (or shouldn’t!) do I’d be extremely grateful.


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