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Fav sliding gate error code plus other
Hi. Have a Fac c720 motors. The exit gate has an induction loop and also photocells. This gate stopped working (entry gate still aok). Call a man who said ‘yeah photocells’ and never came back to fix them despite numerous requests l.  Eventually I replaced the photocells myself as a simple two wire swap I’ve plug and play. 

Still not working. I consistently had code 08 on the motor ‘brain’ (before I change cells over) which states BUS error. Can anyone help. Need these fixed and can’t find a reliable person to sort and I’ve now wasted £65 replacing cells which weren’t faulty. Grrrr

Also entry keypad has sticky numbers and doesn’t always release the gate. The man told me this was a throw away and replace but now not sure about anything he said. 

Can anyone please help and sorry the newbie is straight in with a plea for assistance.

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