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Altair-P gates now move in opposite direction with any change to wiring
I have a pair of gates controlled by a BFT Altair-P
They have worked for years giving little trouble. The switches on the remotes sometimes "bounce" giving a start then stop, but otherwise reliable.

Today I had trouble closing the gates. 
The remote control is sometime unreliable so I used the manual over ride to try to close the gates. There also may have been a weed growing in the path of the photocell causing a nusiance trigger of the stop an reverse action.  

After several attempts at closing the gate I ended up with 1 gate closed and the other gate open.

I mechanically disengaged the open gate to stop any risk of them clashing.

Now using the manual control I can reliably trigger the gates to move, but each time one opens and the other closes or vice versa.

I have put a new battery in my remote and again this now reliably triggers the gates, but one opens and one closes.

I have tried switching the power off and on.
I have tried putting into single gate mode, moving one gate so they are in step and then re-enabling normal (2 gate) mode.

I reloaded the default parameters.
I don't know of any other kind of reset to try. Suggestions?
It would appear I could make this work by swapping one of the motor's wiring,  but how can this become necessary?

Any ideas what has happened and how to fix?

Thank you
I was looking in the wrong place. The problem was mechanical, not electronic.
One of the gate had wound past top dead centre and was trying to operate with the crank on the wrong side (near the gatepost rather than away from the gate post).
This was because it had been installed with the fully open stop missing. The gate had been windining into the brick gate post as a stop. As this wore away, (perhaps combined with longer motor runs if the photo beam has been broken?) the gate mechanism got itsself into the wrong quadrant.

I have made a new fully open stop, so hope all will be OK.


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