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Chamberlain Liftmaster Professional Problem

I live in a house with a Chamberlain Liftmaster (Professional) fitted since new -so about 20 years old- to a double size up-and-over garage door. It has always given fault-free operation. However I have now found that it doesn't respond to either of my remote fobs (4330E type) and a change of batteries has not improved things.

It works perfectly using the wired open/close button inside the garage, but an attempt at reprogramming the fobs to see if they had 'lost' the code had no response. 

As I think it would be unlikely that the fobs have both failed together, I am thinking there must be a fault occuring in the "receiver section" of the motor - but as you can probably tell, I am no expert!

Is it possible for me to replace the receiver unit alone or would the whole motor unit need to be replaced by a modern equivalent? Can this be done by an amateur? 

Thank you, but I'm just looking for some factual information.

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