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NICE 1500A Gate motor and new intercom - fuse blown
I have just purchased a new video intercom system which consists of an outdoor unit with key pad, camera and RFID access and then a 7 inch internal monitor.

The monitor is connected with a 12v transformer plugged into the wall and then an RJ45 Ethernet cable running back into my home network switch.

The outside Bell unit is POE from my POE switch and this then runs through the network switch.

Outside unit powers up not a problem and then from inside you are able to view the camera and also talk to outside.

I had a few issues initially getting the wiring from the doorbell intercom right as I needed a NO and Com  connection into the gate controller to trigger opening.

I have attached the initial wiring diagram as reference.

I tested all of the wires and in order to get the Yellow wire NO and Green (COM) to function correctly on the intercom and switch, I joined the Brown permanent 12V feed and then the yellow together - this cable when into one side of the gate control module

I have then wired the Red ground - down the the STOP port on the gate motor
The yellow and brown to the P.P. Connector on side and then the Green to their other side (2 pin plug)

(This was how my other daitem intercom was connected and worked fine for 6 years no issue - unit it broke from water damage)

The green went into the other.

Initially i enter the code on the intercom and bingo the gate opens and then after 30 secs closes again.

I then tried it from inside and it worked a few times but all of a sudden the gate stopped and I lost control.

I went to the motor to test it and looked and I’ve blown the 250V 1.6A T glass fuse. Very strange.

My guess is i have a connection that is incorrect - but as a DIY guy with a little bit of knowledge I am now out of my depth.

Anyone shed some light on the issue?

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