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Nice Remote - Lock out
Hi, I was attempting to programme a clone remote as my wife's On2 has been broken by her long fingernails!

Last time I did this I was successful, but this time I appear to have stopped my only working gate opener from working.

The light is flashing on the remote. The gate simply is not moving. The motor and everything is working fine when button pressed on the motor unit.

I have done a lock out before  - though I am not sure how I did it.

The gate engineer said there is a "holiday" mode - whereby you press a button on the remote, it will prevent it being opened until re-enabled. Appparently this is a security feature? However, it appears to be undocumented in the manuals.

Can anyone advise me how to get it out of this useless state and re-enable it? The On2 has two buttons, it is a robus 350 I believe.



If you have an OView programming control unit.

Go into your settings and then commands and then unblock and close.

Kindest Regards,


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