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Audible alarm required
Can anybody recommend a suitable component/set up to run an audible alarm off an electric gate when the gate is opening? We have an automatic gate about 100 Mtrs from the house and I would like an alarm to bleep inside the house when the gate opens outside certain hours. We are a large equestrian centre so have a lot of people coming and going, so we only have push button access. But late at night I would like to know when someone has come into the property. 
I’ve thought I could replace the warning lamp output with a buzzer and lead a hard wire from that up to the house. But not sure what type of buzzer would work or if there is an alternative solution. Any suggestions gratefully received. 
I have a king gates system.

You would need some sort of sounder i believe wired into your panel from your house.

you would need a 12-24v Low wattage beacon with it wired into your switch you would need to manually operate this every night.

Once the switch has been manually operated you would then have a functioning sound system.

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