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Electric Gate Safety Legislation Guide.
Guide to Gate Safety Legislation & the Machinery Directive.

After the feedback gained from the last ‘Gate Safety Conference’, we realised the gate industry was requiring some assistance in understanding the machine directive and its relevance to gate automation.

We have worked hard with input from the Door Hardware Federation and feedback from the HSE and AESIF to produce an easy to understand guide ‘Guide to Gate Safety Legislation & the Machinery Directive’. This guide is now freely available in PDF format as well as a printed copy on request.

We have also updated our popular ‘Guide to Safety Edge Systems’ which is also available to freely download.

For any additional information on gate safety call us on 0845 054 5070.

Contact us for information on training.

If you would like more information on gate legislations and gate safety edge systems call us on 0845 054 5070.

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Another Guide by DHF

!!! Gate and Door Automation Engineers required (London, TW) !!!
We have a pair of gates installed
With came underground motors
The problem we have is that after a week
The gates would shut then reopen
The fitter reset them and they were fine for a week
I’ve since reset three times
Each time seems to last about a week

Any suggestions pls

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