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Wg20 leaf close sync issues
hello guys,
For some reason when my leaf closes the M2 leaf always closes before the M1 leaf by few seconds so I ended up with a wrongly closed door that gets stuck when trying to open as M1 is blocked by M2 and requires manual intervention to fix!
I did the reset per the manual, device recognition and all but none help!

My question is as follow:
Is there a way I can introduce an extra delay to the M2 leaf while closing so it would give M1 enough time to come in front of it as it’s supposed to?
Thank you Wink

if you have manual just do reprograming once again . step by step folowing instruction
Best Regards 
I did, unfortunately it didn’t help Sad
Is there a way to program the timing of each leaf separately?
Dear Friends,

I have the same problem with WG 2 one of the leafs reverse for second after the closing cycle. Reprogramming does not solve. we observe motor starts , close up to the limit , then hears the tick sound of the relay, then reverse.
Pls. Advice.
Thanks, Ranjith
RMG Security
Sri Lanka.

If the leafs of your gate are not closing in the correct order, swap the M1 and M2 terminal blocks over. The leaf that is closing last causing the issue will then close first.

If you are experiencing a reverse on one of the leafs this may be that the motor has reached its limits and may be detecting an issue. Try redoing the limit search.

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