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Car ran into set of gates with FAAC S700 Operators

We have a set of gates with FAAC S700 underground operators. They are at bottom of our drive which is a bit of an incline.

During the snow our car slid on the drive about 10 meters into the gates forcing each leaf open about a foot.
As if a miracle the car number plate was the only damage to the car and there was no apparent physical damage to the gates at all. They have wooden infill and that absorbed the shock.

They still open and close fine - but will only close to the point the car pushed them to - when they are open they open "too far" by that same amount. It's like they are now on the wrong teeth of the spline but that is impossible from what I can see.

We've adjusted the stop limiters but it's not that. FAAC have suggested the splines might have twisted. That sounds logical but it's maybe 10-20 degrees rotated - I think it would have sheared off if it was that. Or something else would be wrong. There is no sign of any damage and they open and close just fine.

Next step seems to be buying 2 new operators - before we do that, does anyone have any other ideas? We have a good electrician who has been much better with the gates than the company that installed them. He can't see any damage anywhere either and also thinks it points to something having moved within the operator - but can't tell if that is something we can move "back".


Thank you for your enquiry, it might be worth trying to do a reprogramming of open and closing angles from the board. If you let me know which model your control board is then i can send you a manual on how to do this. Hope this helps and if you are struggling to find the model number of the board take a picture and email it to and we should be able to recognise it from our end.
Kind regards.

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