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CB1 How to learn the gates
Hi, I have a gate with two arms that that used to open/close together but after I tried to adjust some of the settings (not really knowing what I was doing) to limit the opening span and gate force the gates no longer open/close together. One will open about 4 inches then it will open half way. The then another time it will open fully and the other gate will open after, then not at all - all totally random.

Do I need to "re-learn" the gates and if so how?

Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your enquiry, it might be wise to start with a reprogramming phase, this can be done by following the instructions from the CB1 manual which i have posted a link to below.
Once this has been done let me know what is happening with the system and we can then run through some diagnostics over the phone on 01384 569942.
Kind Regards

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