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Q36A Proteco Gates
Firstly I apologise in advance for being an electric gate numpty! Build a house no problem! program electric gates AHHHHHHH

I have the shark double gates which is controlled by the Proteco Q36A Board which im told is very similar to the Q60A.

After trying to set up a GSM mobile controller the gates seem to of set back to default and can I get them to open and close properly !!!

Looking from the rear the left hand side one lets call it leaf A - MOTOR 1 at present sets off after leaf B - MOTOR 2. problem is Leaf A needs to close first.

On the controller once in parameters N1 is leaf A MOTOR 1 WORKING TIME 0-99 which I assume is the amount of time the motor runs (simple enough)
N2 the same Motor 2

I keep these the same at 19 seems to take them all the way back

F1 - Motor 1 Torque 6-19 which I set higher than F2 Motor 2 torque on the hope it would close quicker and therefore take over! it doesnt

Fr - Motor Power During Deceleration 6-19 (Havent a clue what she does!)

t5 - Motors closing differential time delay 0-99. I set this to 0 as dont want them to delay closing?

All the other settings have no relevance and im not sure any of these actually control which leaf closes first?

I then have some sub menu's ie dE - Default where it does then jump to Functions, Advantage Motor Defaults and Wheeler Drive Defaults but im lost at this point!

Anyone any idea?

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